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  • Hard Surface Cleaning

  • Hard surface cleaning is now something you do not have to search for any further. We have added hard surface cleaning to our advanced repertoire of services offered here in Austin, TX. We researched this area long before we decided to offer it. It appears that more people are going away from wall to wall carpet and going towards wood floors; limestone; marble; granite; travertine; ceramic and other hard surfaces. We feel it is due to the overall feeling that carpets have not been living up to their reputation. More often than not, we find that the bedrooms and family room have carpet and the rest have beautiful wood floors or stone. Unfortunately, for you (but fortunately for us) these too need our help.

    Hard surface flooring tends to last so much longer than wall-to-wall carpet but like anything else, the enemy is time and use.  As with our carpet cleaning, we only use the best quality products and the latest developments in technology to care for your floors. We can polish and hone marble that has scratched or lost its shine. Our clients already know what we can do for their wall-to-wall carpets, leather furniture, upholstery, and of course, Oriental rugs. Over that last couple of years, several of our clients have asked us “Who cleans marble?” We did not jump into hard surface cleaning until we were positive that we could offer the highest quality service. Therefore, to answer the question, we do!

    Some examples of popular hard surface flooring materials we service include stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient and specialty flooring. The benefit to using these hard surface materials is, they appear to be easy to clean, maintain and restore. The only problem is, dirt compounds on hard surface areas are susceptible to build up, resulting in erosion. Eventually it will be crucial that you clean beyond your average dusting and mopping; at this point it is best to contact a certified professional for help.

    The Hard Surface Cleaning Experts

    Our certified experts have the necessary training and experience to determine the proper cleaning chemicals, tools, equipment and materials alongside the proper techniques for properly maintaining or restoring your hard surface flooring to its original luster. Certified technicians here at Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. in Austin, TX can lend advice on how to clean and maintain the appearance of hard surfaces throughout your home, as well as how to extend the overall life of your flooring. Contact an expert from Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. today for a FREE quote!