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  • “What to do, what to do?”

    Here is a breakdown of the methods available here in our Austin, TX facility for cleaning carpets (in alphabetical order). Whichever method is done the first thing needed is a deep vacuuming to remove as much of the dry soil as possible. After vacuuming, the next step is pre-conditioning to loosen the soils ability to adhere to carpet fibers.


    Absorbent and Adsorbent Compounds – This involves the application of a treated compound that is sprinkled on the carpet then brushed in. After leaving in for about a half hour, it is time to vacuum out. Considered a dry carpet cleaning method but the compounds are moisture treated and would technically be classified as a low moisture method.

    Absorbent Pad – This involves the spraying of a detergent or carpet cleaning solution onto the carpet then going over with an absorbent pad attached to a spinning floor machine. Considered a dry cleaning method but does involve moisture and is therefore a low moisture method.

    Encapsulation – This involves the application of an encapsulate pre-spray to the carpet followed by an aggressive scrubbing in of the pre-spray. The chemical dwells for a time as soils suspend in the encapsulation solution. After drying, the soil and the encapsulation cleaner are ready to vacuum. This classifies as a low moisture carpet cleaning method.

    Dry Foam - This involves a machine whipping foam then spread over the carpet, and worked in. Next step involves removing the soil and remaining foam using a wet/dry vacuum system. After drying, a final vacuum is necessary to pick up the remaining crystal residue.

    Rotary Shampoo – This is similar to the Dry Foam carpet cleaning method listed above but intended to go down with more moisture and removing excess shampoo and soils using a wet/dry vacuum system. Like the Dry Foam, allowing it to dry and vacuuming out the crystal residue.

    Water Extraction – This involves the application of pre-sprays with agitation and soils and carpet cleaning solutions are ready for rinsing and vacuuming.

    So which method is best? The fact is that all carpet cleaning methods are best if used by the right people and chosen for the right reasons. All of these could be broken down further but these are the main categories. At Austonian Rug Cleaning Co., we actively do all methods of carpet cleaning. The most common we use is water extraction but more specifically, fresh, hot water extraction. We do not like to leave any residue from the carpet cleaning agents we use so the final step is simply to rinse.

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