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  • Everything You Know About St. Patrick's Day Is Wrong

    The following article is courtesy of Christine Dalton; Associate Comedy Editor with The Huffington Post; enjoy! St. Patrick's Day is here! Typically, we associate the holiday with drinking, drinking, and drinking. Oh, and being Irish and green things. But there's a lot more to St. Patrick's Day than most people know. Truthfully, you've probably been living a lie. When you learn all the facts, [...]

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    How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

    Accidents happen; here's how to clean up and eliminate the smell The Following is an article on How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors courtesy of the Humane Society You don't need to get rid of your pets to get rid of stains and odors. You know how it goes: Your pet decides that your new carpet's the perfect place to relieve himself. Or perhaps you walk into your bedroom and catch a whiff of [...]

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    Hey... What's wrong With My Rug???

    Part 1 There are numerous conditions that are inherent in rugs and may become apparent over time or after a cleaning. Here are a few common ones: Abrash This is a variation of certain colors or changes in tones within certain colors in the field of a rug. Authentic oriental rugs have many variations because they are hand-made rather than machine made. Rugs made by hand will always have [...]

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    It's Around the Corner...

    Persian or Oriental rugs can be classified in many ways. By socioeconomic environments, country, city, region, tribe, designs or even by language.  It becomes more confusing when borders change or entire communities are relocated by choice or force.  The study of origins of rugs is a lifelong endeavor and more complicated than understanding wines.  What I’m illustrating here are some basic [...]

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    What's up with your rug?

    Welcome to the Austonian blog. My name is Mike Reed and I will be posting periodically here and responding to questions or clarifications. Let’s start with why and how you got your rug in the first place.  Some get rugs that have been passed down through the family, friends, while traveling abroad, estate sales, on the internet or even garage sales. I feel many of our clients choose a rug [...]

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