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  • Carpet vs. Hard Surface Flooring

    Carpets vs Hard Surface Flooring… Which one is right for my home?   Our flooring experts at Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. understand the trials and tribulations one can experience when choosing the right flooring for their home. After all, flooring is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner has to make and usually the big question arises, carpet vs hard surface flooring. Choosing between [...]

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    The Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

    Restoring carpets after the most common carpet cleaning mistakes can be costly... We all desire to have and maintain beautiful carpets throughout our home but just like any other investment, they can become costly; especially if you don’t look after them adequately. Even when trying our best, we can all fall guilty to carpet crimes at one point or another. From skipping routine cleanings to [...]

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    How to Care for an Oriental Rug

      Guide On How to Care For an Oriental Rug Original Article By Idd Aziz An oriental rug is a rug that originates at the rug belt. This is an area that stretches from Morocco in Africa, Middle East and into central Asia. The rugs are made from various materials including cotton, wool and silk. Most oriental rugs are handmade which makes them valuable and expensive. When you buy the rugs,[...]

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    Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

    Have you ever wondered why you should have your carpets cleaned professionally? Your carpet is a very large investment when it comes to your home. The number one reason most of us have our carpets cleaned is because we “see” the dirt; when in reality when you’ve reached the point in which you actually “see” the dirt on your carpet, you have already started to do damage to your [...]

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    Why Carpet Stains Reappear

    Ever Wonder Why Carpet Stains Reappear? Sticky carpets and a rotten rug will without a doubt demolish your day; it might likewise bring about problems with your health or well-being. Try not to let the soil and mess of carpet stains influence your indoor environment. Tackling the problem the right way before it gets worse will help you and your family feel great! In the event that you are [...]

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