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  • Leather Cleaning

  • Let us talk about leather furniture. First, let us not forget that all leather is second hand. The animal had it first, it is subject to damage by its original owner, and it is common to find insect bites, brands, barbed wire scratches and so on. Sometimes people will think they have poor quality leather because of this but that can be far from true. You may just be in need of leather cleaning services. There are different types of leather that come from the same hide. The top grain is the outer most layer of the hide and is the toughest and most commonly used for upper end leather furniture but tends to show the blemishes. The split grain is the part of the hide closest to the animal, is weaker and often embossed to give it a top grain look. Leather cleaning is just one of the many upholstery cleaning services we offer here at Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. 

    Leather Cleaning Classifications

    We deal with leather in three classifications:

    1. Aniline
    2. Pigmented
    3. Nubuc

    Of the three, pigmented is the most resistant to sun fading, which makes it ideal for furniture, is actually cheaper to buy, and used most often for leather car seats due to its sun resistance. With leather, the more done to it the less it cost and conversely, the less done (like nubuck) the more expensive. You will find most home furnishings made with aniline due to its look and feel. It often has that comfortable worn look to it and feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Nubuck has what many describe as a velvety feel and is commonly used in high-end leather furnishings and is the most difficult to clean.

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