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  • Rug Repair Services

  • Over time, rugs will need repairs. Rugs are beautiful works of art and often mistreated from the first day of their life. Rugs are prone to damage from traffic, lack of maintenance, sun light, atmospheric conditions, pets, soil and so much more. The most common types of repairs we see are damaged side cords that are unraveling or ends that are no longer holding the fibers to the rug. These types of damages (like anything else in life) are better when dealt with sooner rather than later. Damage left unattended, becomes more difficult to repair. Worn side cords can usually be re-wrapped easily and inexpensively but if the side warps (the yarns running the length of the rug) become broken then the repair becomes more costly. If left unattended, then fiber loss happens and that can be more difficult to repair and sometimes cost prohibitive.

    Inevitable Rug Repair Needs

    The fringes… do not even get me started. The fringes are notorious for defeat to the common household vacuum cleaner. When the rug is hand knotted, the fringe is part of the rug. Some rugs have a fake fringe added to imitate the look of a hand knotted rug. The rugs will begin to unravel when worn fringe, damaged beyond the knot and left in disrepair can no longer hold fibers in place. The selvage edge (side cords) and the fringe make up the frame of the rug so repairs to these areas performed early will extend the life of the rug and help maintain the monetary value.

    On occasion, chunks of the rug are missing from damage caused by animals, overwatered plants sitting on the rug or moving accidents to name a few. Do not worry; we can re-weave these areas to return the rug back to a useful condition. On occasion, we will insert a “patch” from another rug similar to the one being repaired.

    Some clients have brought rugs to us that they love and want resized to fit into a different room. We can reduce the size of the rug to fit as needed and still maintain the pattern and balance of the rug in a smaller version.

    We repair curled edges by sewing material along the sides.

    Placing the rug over a pad greatly reduces the effects of wear. Every rug should have a pad under it. For more information on properly maintaining and caring for your rug, or for a FREE quote on Rug Repair Services here in Austin, TX, contact Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. today!