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  • What’s up with your rug?

  • Welcome to the Austonian blog. My name is Mike Reed and I will be posting periodically here and responding to questions or clarifications. Let’s start with why and how you got your rug in the first place.  Some get rugs that have been passed down through the family, friends, while traveling abroad, estate sales, on the internet or even garage sales. I feel many of our clients choose a rug because of its size, colors, feel and designs all of which are important but you want to make sure it will stay looking as good as possible for as long as possible. If you love rugs, you should start your fact-finding mission here I will be posting information to hopefully give you some useful knowledge.  How do you know if a rug is machine made or woven? Check to see if there are any tags. They will most likely give you all the information if it is a machine made and new (or new enough to still have its tags).  What if there are no tags? First, please understand that nothing is always. It is mostly but not always. If you see the pattern on the back of the rug that you see on the front and the colors are fairly equal, it is most likely a hand knotted rug. If you see the pattern on the back but it looks noticeably lighter or whiter, you are most likely dealing with a machine made rug. If there is a cloth backing that does not let you see the pattern at all, you are most likely dealing with hand -made tufted rug.  I’ll go into more details in subsequent posts. If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them.

    A hand knotted rug - back and front look similar


    A machine made rug back is lighter or whiter than colors on the front

    Hand Tufted back and front

    A hand tufted rug with a cloth covering the back