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    Most Common Carpet Cleaning MistakesWe all desire to have and maintain beautiful carpets throughout our home but just like any other investment, they can become costly; especially if you don’t look after them adequately. Even when trying our best, we can all fall guilty to carpet crimes at one point or another. From skipping routine cleanings to disastrous DIY projects, here are a few of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that we all tend to fall prey to every once in a blue moon. The first and most common carpet cleaning mistake I’m sure everyone has done at least once is frantically rubbing a stain when it appears. Rubbing is the most common reaction to a stain on the carpet, but this is one of the worst things you can do for your carpet. Eventually rubbing vigorously may cause the stain to fade away; leaving one to believe they have successfully removed the stain. However, on the contrary, all you have done is distort, abrade and tear the carpet fibers, leaving them physically damaged. When a stain does occur, the best solution is to try and pick up what you can with a spoon and then quickly place a clean dry cloth or white paper towels over the spot until the cloth has completely absorbed the spill. You may need to keep replacing the towels with dry ones to soak up as much of the stain as possible.  It is always suggested to call your local carpet cleaning experts to have your carpet inspected and cleaned after such occurrence. The second most common carpet cleaning mistake made by most of us is that we expect the stain to disappear immediately after we have cleaned it up. Although this is sometimes the case, it is not uncommon for carpet stains to reappear because they weren’t properly cleaned up the first time to avoid any extensive damage to the carpet. So as mentioned, it’s best to contact your local carpet cleaners to avoid the most common carpet cleaning mistakes and have your carpet cleaned up right the first time so there is no need to worry about reappearing stains. The third and final most common carpet cleaning mistake people tend to make is believing that cleaning our carpets once or twice a year or waiting until they look dirty is adequate enough. Remember that just because you might not see it on a daily basis, dust and bacteria can easily penetrate and build up on your carpet’s fibers. Therefore, it is recommended by carpet cleaning professionals to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum your carpets regularly as well as have your carpets deep cleaned by professionals minimally twice a year.

    Don’t fall prey to the most common carpet cleaning mistakes

    Now that you’re in the know, you can easily avoid making any of these most common carpet cleaning mistakes. Remember, that prevention is better and easier than curing so it’s easier, more effective and more cost-efficient to maintain our carpets everyday rather than trying to fix all the damage at once. Professional carpet cleaning is more affordable than you might think and can be all the difference. If you suffer from frequent stains or just want to prepare your home for a family visit, our professional carpet cleaners at Austonian …..will remove most if not all of your stains, pet fur, odors, etc from your carpet, leaving you 100% satisfied each time. Avoid these most common carpet cleaning mistakes and call us at Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. to take care of all your carpet needs today!