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    Guide On How to Care For an Oriental Rug

    Original Article By Idd Aziz Oriental Rug Belt | Oriental Rug Care How-toAn oriental rug is a rug that originates at the rug belt. This is an area that stretches from Morocco in Africa, Middle East and into central Asia. The rugs are made from various materials including cotton, wool and silk. Most oriental rugs are handmade which makes them valuable and expensive. When you buy the rugs, you need to take care of them for them to last as long as possible. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to take care of oriental rugs: Be cautious of foot traffic There is nothing that damages a rug faster than foot traffic. Wool and cotton rugs are tough and can withstand plenty of traffic, but silk rugs are weak. To protect silk rugs, don't place them in high traffic areas such as a living room or hallway. Place the rugs in low traffic areas such as a bedroom. You can also hang the rugs on the wall as a decorative are piece instead of placing them on the floor. When it comes to wool and cotton rugs, protect them from traffic by removing outdoor shoes when entering the house. Bare-foot or sock-foot traffic is gentler than outdoor-shoe sole traffic. Removing shoes not only protects the rug it also prevents the rug from getting dirty. In addition to doing this you should also protect the underside of the rug from damage by installing pads. For ideal results, install high quality pads and underlay. Clean the rug regularly To get rid of dirt, stains, dust mites and microbes you need to clean the rug regularly. To clean the rug properly you need to do a number of things: One of the things that you should do is vacuum the Oriental rug before you wet clean it. Vacuuming is an important step as it eliminates excess debris and makes the cleaning process easy. Vacuuming also aids in removing loose dirt from the rug. Another thing that you should do is use the right cleaning products. As a general rule of thumb, go for products that will remove dust, stains, and bacteria. For ideal results, go for products that are designed specifically for oriental rug care. If you aren't sure of whether the product will damage the rug, first test it at the corner of the rug. Some of the cleaning products are expensive; therefore if you are strapped for cash and have many rugs to clean, consider combining warm water with mild liquid soap. While you can clean cotton and woolen oriental rugs at home, avoid cleaning silk rugs at home-take them to a professional rug cleaner. For the rug to have a clean look, ensure that you remove all the stains. There are many products that you can use. Shaving cream has been shown to easily remove wine stains while flour has proved effective in getting rid of grease stains. If you have tried removing a given stain without success, ask a professional to take a look at it. Conclusion You need to take good care of your rug to avoid heading to the stores every now and then. When it comes to cleaning an oriental rug, it's always good to take it to a professional. In addition to cleaning the Oriental rug professionally, he/she will also fix any problems that the rug might be having with simple Oriental rug repair techniques. At Austonian Rug Cleaning Co we specialize in oriental rug cleaning and repair. We have been offering our premier services for the past 32 years; therefore, we have the experience and skills to give your rug a perfect look at an affordable price. We are based in Austin, TX; therefore, if you are looking for a reputable and professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Austin native, we are the people to call. Original Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Idd_Aziz/2148367

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    I have a 5X8 wool rug looks hand made no backing and my two wheaten terriers have terrorized the rug. I live in Pflugerville and work off spicewood springs and can bring the Rug to you to clean. Can you tell me your prices and the turn around time? Thank you


    I would be very careful using any cleaning material on oriental rugs. Although most are designed for household use and are usually OK for most cleaning materials, there are some that are very ornate or (like you said) made of silk or other exotic fibers that you shouldn't clean with much more than water. Best to keep those rugs away from dirty tootsies and keep them on the wall!