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  • Ever Wonder Why Carpet Stains Reappear?

    Sticky carpets and a rotten rug will without a doubt demolish your day; it might likewise bring about problems with your health or well-being. Try not to let the soil and mess of carpet stains influence your indoor environment. Tackling the problem the right way before it gets worse will help you and your family feel great! In the event that you are prepared to take part in wall to wall carpet cleaning in your home this year, it's best to know why a few of the rug or carpet stains you thought you got out, will continue causing issues down the road for you.

    DIY Spot Cleaning Gone Wrong

    Oh no! Somebody spilled their glass of wine on the freshly installed carpeting at your St. Patrick’s Day party and it leaves a massive stain. Make that green wine. Thinking quickly, one of your guests heads to the garage where you keep all the cleaners thinking a shower of quick acting stain remover and deodorizer will do the trick. As expected, following a couple of minutes, the stain has completely disappeared. However, what you were not expecting is it can show up again following a couple of hours or days. However there is a pot-of-gold at the end of this rainbow. Austonian Rug Cleaning Co., a trusted name in rug and carpet cleaning, knows that with the proper techniques and the right team of specialists, even those toughest of reappearing stains can be permanently taken care of. Our rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning technicians utilize the right gear and are highly educated in taking care of even the hardest to get out stains.
    Carpet Wicking Stains ReappearDo your carpets or rugs have a spot that keeps on returning regardless of vacuuming it at regular intervals or even when using the toughest cleaning agents? Most common carpet stains are presumably on account of wicking, which happens when heavy carpet stains or even cleaning attempts have left a residue which attaches itself to soils. Most staining substances contain sugars or other residues that can be easily cleaned on the surface but not below the surface. These residues have not been thoroughly rinsed out and can stick to soils out of the air or on shoes or feet. Ironically, any cleaner used contain some form of a detergent or soap. While the detergent may clean the spot it leaves a residue which is designed to attach itself to soil, so again it can stick to soils in the air or foot traffic. If you keep going to the same area and try cleaning the carpet stains over again, it just leaves more behind, and this time when the spot comes back it’s a bit bigger and maybe a little darker. Here at Austonian Rug Cleaning, whether it’s for rugs, upholstery or carpet, we use cleaning agents prior to a clear water rinse. Same reason you have a rinse cycle in your washing machine. You have to rinse and remove soils as well as cleaning agents.

    Remember that a clean and presentable carpet or rug is basic to maintaining your home’s health and indoor environment as well as your personal well-being. To have your rugs or carpets professionally cleaned contact Austonian Rug Cleaning Co. in Austin, TX at (512) 454-8300 today!